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Round House Theatre

Bethesda, Maryland

Roundhouse Theater Stage

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Completed March 2020

Curved platforms and closure panels round out theater renovations



What started as an effort to improve the acoustics at the Round House Theatre in Bethesda, Maryland, turned into a complete theater renovation from the box office to the back corner of the stage. To help create customized experiences for audiences and optimal versatility for the theater, Sightline Commercial Solutions developed a multi-configurable stage trap and seating system. The thrust design allows theater directors and designers more flexibility for both large and small performances, and the ability to create different seating arrangements means there is never a barrier between the audience and performers. The stage trap is made of curved SC90® platforms, closure panels, and SC90® support legs, combined with Relia Beams and columns to provide strength, durability and, most importantly, safety. Keeping usability in mind, Sightline Commercial Solutions was able to cater the system to the theater’s design intent and aesthetic to create a more engaging atmosphere.

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