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Hastings Performing Arts Center

Hastings, Michigan


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Completed August 2020

Flexible acoustical shell allows for easy performance customization



The Hastings Performing Arts Center (HPAC) serves as a treasured destination for performing arts and creativity in Michigan. The 830-seat facility hosts a wide range of student performances, music festivals and other events throughout the year. To optimize the functionality and acoustics of the space, Sightline Commercial Solutions custom engineered a new acoustical shell and orchestra pit filler for the beloved auditorium. Designed to blend and reflect sound energy toward audiences, the fully customizable, state-of-the-art Bravado® Acoustical Shell consists of mobile towers and ceiling panels that align to form a resounding and attractive performance space. Constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy, the modular system is portable and can be set up as a cohesive unit or in segmented pieces, allowing it to be customized based on the acoustic and spacing needs of individual events. This versatility comes in especially handy at the HPAC, where performances range from small group concerts to regional music festivals. To complement the existing environment, the HPAC team chose a soft white color for the shell panels. This provides a neutral backdrop that enables event producers and lighting designers to “paint” the space with accent lighting and visual effects that mirror the music’s tone and evoke emotion among the audience. Sightline Commercial Solutions also provided a customized orchestra pit filler to enable the fine tuning of larger ensembles and ensure musical balance between orchestral and choral groups. Panels may be added or removed on the fly to create an auditory experience customized to fit the needs of each individual performance.

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