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Adjustable Stair Unit - Stage Adjustable Stair Unit - Stage
Adjsutable Adjsutable
Adjustable Adjustable
Adjustable Stairs Adjustable Stairs
Adjustable Stair Adjustable Stair
Adjustable Stair Unit - Stage
Adjustable Stairs
Adjustable Stair

Height Adjustability with Ease

Stair Unit - Adjustable

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The Adjustable Height Stair Unit can be easily modified to fit stages (or platform sections) that are adjustable in height. To secure the Adjustable Height Stair Unit in place, it includes a locking mechanism to attach quickly and firmly to Sightline Commercial Solutions’ platforms.

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Treads: 12 inches deep by 36 inches wide Adjustable ranges: 4-Tread: 16″ – 24″ 5-Tread: 24″ – 36″ 6-Tread: 30″ – 40″ 7-Tread: 36″ – 48″ 8-Tread: 36″ – 56″ 9-Tread: 48″ – 72″ 11-Tread: 48″ – 72″ Tread Surface: Black polypropylene material Handrail finish: mill aluminum, black powder coat, or silver powder coat

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